Planned Tours

At Conosur Experiences, I aim to provide a selection of planned tours, which give a taste of almost everything that the area has to offer. While no tour can be perfect in this way, I have created some packages that suit different travel personas, as well as long and short stay packages, so there is truly something for everyone. Have a browse through some of the planned tours I have arranged for your consideration.


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Bariloche Circuit and Andean Lake Crossing

A journey between Argentina and Chile through the Andean lakes, extensive forests, snowy hills and passage between two national parks. The majesty of the Calbuco and Osorno volca...  more  

Esteros del Iberá and Iguazu Falls Circuit

Visit to one of the Natural wonders of the world and a exclusive Travel to the wetland more extensive where it is possible to discover the most Varied flora and fauna of South Amer...  more  

Wildlife Circuit: from the jungle to the Atlantic

An exploratory venture to discover the greatest indigenous ecological diversity Argentina. It begins a journey through the missionary jungle in the Argentine Northeast to culminate...  more  

End of the World Circuit and glaciers

An exclusive trip to enjoy a gourmet navigation in front of the Perito Moreno Glacier and experience a walk on the majesty of its ice.   more  

Nature Force Circuit

The Two more landscapes Imposing of the country, only for lovers of the nature and the adventure. Scooch the Falls of the Iguazu and the Glacier Perito Moreno from start to finish,...  more  

Circuit Lakes and waterfalls

A foray into the imposing nature of Patagonia and The majesty of the Argentine Northeast. The Falls, natural wonder of the world as never seen before: traveled by the Iguazu Rive...  more  

Circuit Parks, glaciers and fjords of southern Patagonia

The most complete experience of Southern Patagonia. After explore Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, begins a journey Cruise through the Fuegian channels to discover Cape...  more  

Dinner Gourmet Roast

We will discover the tradition of the Argentine asado during a gastronomic experience behind closed doors. Sitting at the bar , we can see, feel and experience the various gril...  more  

Australis Cruise

During your trip to Ushuaia - Punta Arenas, you will see the beauty of Patagonia. Visiting Pía Glacier, Águila Glacier and Magdalena Island.  more  

Patagonia and Buenos Aires Gourmet

During your visit of the cities of Ushuaia, Calafate, Bariloche and Buenos Aires you will get to experience the traditional gastronomy of each city.  more