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Small groups: 6 to 15

I specialise in small special interest tours with up to 15 people, organising events and excursions that are specifically suited to them. The same high standards of service apply, but you will also have a dedicated 24/7 tour escort while you are in the location (minimum group size 6). Special terms apply, please contact us for further information. 

I do not recommend larger groups. I aim to offer you unforgettable experiences and the opportunity to make new friends if you wish. My experience is that this is not possible in large groups, and many other operators are already offering this kind of service. 

There are circumstances where we may be obliged to offer you experiences that take place as part of a larger group.  This will be made clear at the time of booking.  In some instances, like when using ferries, for example, it would be inevitable to share transportation with several other people.   If you prefer a highly personalised luxury experience like private helicopters, chartered yachts or similar this could be arranged (and reflected in the costs). 









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