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South American Travel Consultant

Your personal destination butler. Destination Consultant, Travel Designer, Agent, Consultant, Ground Handling Management, Tour Management… the list of specialisms in the travel experience sector is almost endless. With decades of sectoral expertise behind me, I was keen to create something different in scope. With travel consultants ranging from the excellent to the very poor, for many agents you can also be out of mind once you are out of sight, with various degrees of support. Conosur is different. As a South American travel consultant, I am at your service, similar to a butler or valet, catering to your every need on your South American tour.

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Why Conosur?

The Cono Sur is the Southern Cone of that great continent of South America. I was brought up in South America, and though I can't claim to know it all, I grew acquainted with its quirks, great environment, socio-political and ecological challenges and opportunities. As an experienced South American travel consultant, when I search for a new destination, I want to know it in-depth, speaking and meeting local people of all ages, creating long-term bonds to get into the skin of a place, however small.






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A beautiful, and diverse region

I have always been fascinated by the Southern Cone of South America. Even in a territory, which is a relatively small part of the rest of the continent, the Andes act as a tremendous geographical and sociological watershed. The people of Chile are, for the most part, ethnically different from those of neighbouring Argentina and though there are, of course, similarities (primary language being one - the nuances can be pretty different!).

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Providing An Unforgettable Experience

I wanted to discover more, which took me to encounter unspoilt environments and people. I now want to share this knowledge with you, as your South American travel consultant, not through a book, but by exposing you in person to custom-made experiences to meet wishes and be accessible to your pockets, physical fitness and innermost needs if possible. Emotional intelligence, knowledge, respect for your needs and the desire to leave with an unforgettable experience are what Conosur Experiences is all about. Later, and with associates who share the same principles, I will bring you additional destinations.



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Looking After Every Aspect of your south american tour

From touching down at the airport, to lifting off again after your holiday, I can look after your whole South American tour, from beginning to end. Whether you would like a culinary tour, to see the wildlife, or the spectacular geography or the region, you can have your tour arranged to fit what you have in mind. With a South American travel consultant, the very best locations, hotels, days out, and restaurants will be found, arranged and organised for you to enjoy. With my assistance, you can mix as many ingredients as you like to create your perfect holiday experience.







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