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South American Travel Consultant

As a specialist travel consultant I will be your personal destination butler.  If you are seeking to go beneath the skin of  South America, and in particular its southern end, meeting locals, experiencing places that are not on main itineraries I will capture those wishes and turn them into a reality.  Fancy trekking on a glacier and then at the end of the day enjoying some excellent local cuisine in a typical hotel, like an old estancia, with all the comforts of modern days?  Conosur experiences are for you.  Let's plan a trip beyond your imagination, taking you on a journey of a lifetime, leaving behind your worries and just focussing on the experience itself.  Conosur offers you a  different kind of travel adventures, based on personal knowledge and a desire to offer you only the highest possible standards of service throughout.  As the name implies we specialise in the southern cone (Cono Sur) comprising Argentina and Chile but we can offer you similar experiences across that vast and fascinating continent.

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The Cono Sur is the Southern Cone of that great continent of South America. As a founder I worked for a leading south American travel consultancy and subsequently graduated in Geography with a specialism on social and human aspects of that continent.  I speak Spanish fluently and was brought up in South America where I continue to these days to have excellent local contacts with other professionals in the sector.  Whenever I seek new destinations, I want to know them in-depth, speaking and meeting local people of all ages, creating long-term bonds to get into the skin of a place, however small.  Thanks to this approach Conosur's passengers can enjoy unparalleled experiences of the territories they are visiting.






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A beautiful, and diverse region

You can fit most of Europe inside Argentina alone, so the scale of that continent is amazing.  It is just over 10,000 km to travel overland from  the Venezuelan capital Caracas,  to the Southern tip of the Southern Cone.  On the way you would travel through jungles, plains, mountains, lakes rivers, glaciers and more...  Even the Southern Cone alone with the Andes as a its geographical and sociological watershed offers unrivalled opportunities.  And though people may be united by a common language (Brazil excluded) they are different even across neighbouring borders.  A visit to South America will offer you a wealth of unparalleled experiences and unforgettable landscapes, from the peace of majesty of Patagonia to the rugged deserts of Salta and Jujuy.

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Providing An Unforgettable Experience

Every travel has different needs, interests and expectations. I'll make sure your trip exceeds those expectations, with a unique experience to match your interests.    You can enjoy anything from a few days in Buenos Aires, taking some Tango lessons, to several weeks travelling with one of our private guides all the way along route 40 in Argentina, from the borders with Bolivia to the Tierra del Fuego. I will ensure every aspect of that journey, so you will just have to relax and enjoy it.  Emotional intelligence, knowledge, respect for your needs and for the environment , with the desire to leave with an unforgettable experience are what Conosur Experiences is all about. 


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Just For You

From touching down at the airport, to lifting off again after your holiday, we look after your whole South American tour, from beginning to end. Whether you would like a culinary tour,  see the wildlife, the spectacular geography or the region, explore in full comfort or travel in a 4x4 through rugged countryside, you can have it arranged to fit what you have in mind. As a travel butler/consultant, I will find you the very best locations, hotels, days out, and restaurants arranged and organised for you to enjoy. With my assistance, you can mix as many ingredients as you like to create your perfect holiday experience.







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