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Themed Tours of South America













 If you are looking to tour the Cono Sur for a specific reason, perhaps to study the culture, food, or geography, I am at your service to organise your tour to fit your needs.

My vast knowledge of the region, coupled with dedicated and personalised customer service will exceed your expectations. Get ready - your best memories in life are about to be created!


I have organised tours with the following themes

Metropolitan studies

Special interest cultural tours focussing primarily on experiences with locals

Exploring social dynamics and Politics


Nice gastronomic and wine areas







Wine tours in Argentina and Chile

Chile and Argentina have vast territories dedicated to producing excellent wines. These wines are now widely imported, and some of the principal labels are well known, but next to these major players, a host of new, independent, organic and experimental ones have started, which make for an amazing wine tasting experience.




Niche gastronomic experiences

With influence from so many cultures, there are opportunities to offer unique experiences like cooking with gauchos, for example. You can sample a range of Argentinian and Chilean cuisine, with some of the best chefs and restaurants in the region.




Sustainability and the environment: Bio tours

Unspoilt areas offer unique opportunities for high-level, quasi-scientific exploration tours led by academics into the flora and fauna of this area.



Self-development and wellness experiences

Unspoilt, sparsely populated and virtually pollution-free areas provide unique opportunities for self-development groups led by experts in the field.

Wellness trips to improve one's overall well-being through physical or emotional conditioning, and Conosur Experiences will partner with experts in the field. Check out a sample itinerary here


An impeccable level of personal presentation


Star gazing and nature - the awe experience

Astronomers have used the uniquely unspoilt areas of these regions to observe the sky for decades, and a series of comprehensive packages can be offered.

For people leading busy lives in metropolitan areas in Western countries, encountering the majesty of nature can be very rare. There are few areas in the world where these awe experiences can still be had, but many are located in the countries in question.   








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