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Travel Your Way: Adventures for Every Explorer

We understand one size doesn't fit all. Whether you crave a short escape to Northern Argentina or an epic 4x4 journey along the legendary Route 40, we curate experiences that match your interests and pace.

Beyond South America:

Our expertise extends far beyond the wonders of South America. From Cambodia's temples to Chile's peaks, let us craft your dream itinerary anywhere in the world.

We Focus on the Journey, Not the Logistics







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Is it for me?

Our tours are ideal if you belong to any of the following matches, and beyond!

  • Retired academic interested in South America.
  • Professional with a desire to explore lesser-known areas yet in comfort and style.
  • Curious traveller with a new age leaning, interested in the environment and discovering lesser spoilt areas of the world.
  • Solo travellers interested in new destinations but unwilling to travel on their own.





Every traveller has different needs, interests and expectations. At Conosur will make sure those expectations are met with a trip perfectly matched to you.  If y are still unsure about the type of tour you would like to take, we can help you with a short and fun quiz.  Just follow the links below and share those results with us.  We shall analyse them, listen to your opinion, and come back to you with a custom-made itinerary to reflect your preference as a traveller.

Are you concerned about the practical aspects of your journey? You can consult our blog section and even if you are not travelling with us and need help packing for your next trip you could use a variety of applications we suggest like the Mylugagge app, a nifty little solution to help you pack. There are other travel apps I can suggest, and you can find more information in the Resources area.







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