Planned Tours

At Conosur Experiences, I aim to provide a selection of planned tours, which give a taste of almost everything that the area has to offer. While no tour can be perfect in this way, I have created some packages that suit different travel personas, as well as long and short stay packages, so there is truly something for everyone. Have a browse through some of the planned tours I have arranged for your consideration.


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Santiago and the Atacama Desert

This is a 7-day tour encompassing the driest region in the world as well as the beautiful vibrant city of Santiago.  more  

Lakes and waterfalls

This ten-day tour includes some of the legendary waterscapes of Patagonia, and the Argentine Northeast, where the Iguazu River flows between Argentina and Paraguay, over the spec...  more  

Glaciers and Fjords of Southern Patagonia

This is a comperehensive tour of the landscape of the very southern tip of South America, including the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia.  more  


Antarctica is the southernmost continent on the planet. Almost the entire surface is covered by a thick layer of Ice 2km thick on average, which practically hides its topography.   more  

Aero-Cruise Antarctica classic

A journey to explore the southernmost continent on earth on board of a cruiser of expedition, which will allow you to discover frozen fjords and Spectacular Icebergs while watchi...  more  

Ancestral Argentine Circuit

The deal getaway to get to know the Argentine Northwest, with its World Heritage Site for UNESCO: the Quebrada de Humahuaca. Here herself Preserve villages and Pre-Hispanic cust...  more  

Carretera Austral Circuit North and South in Chile

A unique journey to discover the Chilean route that reveals the most sheltered Patagonian scenarios: mountain ranges, lakes, fjords, volcanoes and glaciers.  more  

Circuit Trekking lovers in Patagonia

Visit from Los Glaciares National Park to Torres del Paine National Park.The best itinerary for hiking in the main attractions of Patagonia, Argentina and Chile.  more  

Lovers Circuit of wine and good eating

An exclusive trip to the leading vineyards of Chile and Argentina. Visit to the Vik Vineyard, renowned for its architecture, suites decorated by renowned artists and haute cuisine ...  more  

Fascinating Argentine Circuit

A trip to discover the main attractions that Argentina offers, all in one trip. From Patagonian landscapes, visit to imposing waterfalls and glaciers, Gourmet navigation and tour ...  more