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Antarctica is the southernmost continent on the planet. Almost the entire surface is covered by a thick layer of Ice 2km thick on average, which practically hides its topography.

The main destination to visit during an expedition trip to Antarctica is the  Antarctic Peninsula, a strip of land and ice that extends for 1300 km from the Antarctic continent to South America.   Other sub-Antarctic destinations that are usually included in some expeditions are the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, due to their great biodiversity.

The Antarctic ecosystem  is the result  of a long and complex process of evolution that has allowed different species  to adapt to the extreme polar environment  . This has given as the result is a system composed of  a limited number of species that depend directly on each other and the habitat in which they live. Thus, the  Antarctic continent is undoubtedly  the  most mysterious place on the planet, an ecological wonder that has  always  fascinated ex-plorators, scientists and travelers alike.







When To Travel

The  cruise season  to  Antarctica covers the months of November to March.   In this period there are  the best conditions for  navigation and the largest number  of  hours of light per day.


The  Antarctic climate is polar, intensely cold, not very humid and with frequent winds.  It can be divided into three regions:  the polar plateau, the coast and

The Antarctic Peninsula.  The polar plateau presents the  most extreme conditions, with winters of temperatures between  -40  and -70°C and very few precipitations.  The coast has oceanic influence   and registers temperatures between -5° and 5°C in summer.  The peninsula is  more temperate and humid with frequent precipitations  in the form of snow.  The temperature  in summer ranges from  0 to 5°C.  For this reason  it is here where the greatest human activity and  much of the wildlife is concentrated.






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