Made to Measure

With Cono Sur, nothing is too much trouble. I want to ensure that every aspect of your holiday is perfect. I arrange bespoke South American tours, made-to-measure for your requirements. Whether you hate the single supplement, and wish to travel with a companion, or want to have a holiday that’s fine tuned to your personality, I am here to help. As your South American travel consultant, I will go to every length to make sure you enjoy your experience of the Cono Sur, so that your holiday is unforgettable.


Just for you

There are many different types of traveller, and each one may have different interests, needs, and expectations. My job is to meet those needs as well as possible. As a South Ameri...  more  

Travel Companion Match

I understand that there are times in life when we would prefer to travel with like-minded people, especially to new and far away destinations. I am here to help you with a careful ...  more  

Travel Resources

I have put together some valuable resources you could use for your journey. Feel free to recommend others, and I will continually evaluate any recommendations.  more