Help Argentina!

At Conosur Experiences we are keen to redefine travel, to make it as sustainable as possible.  When we inspect hotels, for example, we always check if they have signed up to a recycling scheme, making sure they have the lowest carbon footprint as possible.

I don't know about you but when I visit a country I really want to get under the skin of it and, if possible, I would also like to make a small contribution to some of the schemes may have.

Help Argentina is an amazing portal built by a cooperative of no-profit organisation.  At a touch of a button you can select whether you would like to support the arts, the environment, education, health or civil rights.  I can't recommend it more. 

While we will donate to FARN for every tour you have booked you may also want to leave your mark.  Please access the portal and generously give to the deserving charity of your choice.

Thank you!