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Pay for your South American Tour in tokens

You can have an initial free consultation via Zoom for 15 minutes. After the initial consultation, you have a choice to complete a purchase using the unique Knowledge Tokens system.  The token system applies to custom-made tours only, not ready made packages previously featured which are supplied as listed (with the included option of amending the number of nights and services of course, but not the destinations).

These are tokens that you can purchase for additional in-depth consultations and itineraries. Once you have agreed to book, if you would like to book using my preferred suppliers, the value of the tokens will be deducted from the purchase price. If you do not go ahead, you have paid for some in-depth knowledge that you can either reuse at leisure with us within 12 months and be still discounted or simply take elsewhere.






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Why do it this way? 

Simply put, I spend a lot of time coming up with something truly unique for you.  This is a butler service so I am not just putting things together out of a catalogue and this takes time, knowledge and passion.

The small token is a guarantee of satisfaction. I will always discuss in the initial free consultation the kind of token that may be appropriate for you and you can always upgrade at any time (but you can't downgrade).




These are the available tokens for couples and individuals

Anything over 16 nights, maximum 5 itinerary changes and 16 hours' consultation, includes also support while travelling through Zoom or similar means. Necessary to book specialist advice like academic support and similar. Token price £135.

Each token is valid for one person, a second person will be at 50% of the cost rounded down.  So for Bronze support, it will be £67, for example.  No further supplement for additional passengers however, for groups of 6 or more, a different pricing structure (on the application will apply).

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Blue token

The Blue token is the entry one. Following the free entry, you will have access to a more in-depth discussion of the choice of venues and options, followed by an itinerary of your choice for a trip which will not exceed seven nights of stay in the Cono Sur area. The consultation cost is £45, valid for up to a maximum of three hours of work.


 Conosur Experiences in



Like the Blue token but for an itinerary of up to 12 days, with a maximum of two options and a total not exceeding five hours' consultation. £70 include support for bargain transport booking.





As per Bronze with three options and a maximum itinerary comprising 16 nights and a total of 9 hours' consultation and three changes. Price per token £99.





Anything over 16 nights, maximum 5 itinerary changes and 16 hours' consultation, includes also support while travelling through Zoom or similar means. Necessary to book specialist advice like academic support and similar. Token price £135.



The small print
Please note while Conosur Experiences will be offering the consultancy services, you will be responsible for the direct payment of the services in question to the selected operators. Conosur Experiences does not deal with airlines or other vectors, but local ones will be provided as part of the packages in question. You will be responsible for the purchase of your long-haul tickets, but I would be delighted to provide advice as part of the above tokens.
You will be responsible for your own insurance and any health-related (vaccination) or visa matters.  While I will endeavour to offer you information on these matters, I am not responsible for accuracy and visas, health permits, and similar is the traveller's sole responsibility. This is because, quite often, the information in question changes at very short notice (like entry requirements in Covid emergencies).




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What does a typical ground handling package include?

  • Reception on arrival with private transfer to the hotel of choice
  • All tours as booked, including any catering arrangements
  • All escorted services and admissions to venues
  • Any internal flights or coach/car transport purchased as part of the package
  • Any transfer from terminals (station/airport) to the accommodation
  • Support while at the destination through a dedicated 24/7 helpline
  • All meals if taken as part of a package and as per stated conditions
  • Specialist clothing for your booked excursions (if needed)

What is not included

Gratuities and other ancillaries such as incidentals of a personal nature are excluded. I will provide you with appropriate advice regarding day-to-day clothing, currency exchange, and other practical matters you may need to know while there and before your journey. My local personnel will endeavour to assist in any emergency, but you will need to be adequately covered by your travel insurance.






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